Tārā, meaning star in Bengali. 

Tara Co's mission is to make people feel little bits of delight throughout their busy days. I hope my products bring you joy :) To more happy days doing the things you love! 

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founder, artist

my name is samiah and i am a bengali-muslim hijabi residing in atlanta! i am a marketing pre-law student and am someone who loves fashion, art and music! for me personally, wearing statement pieces and collecting little special goodies make me feel warm inside ヽ(^◇^*)/ i want to pass that feeling to everyone, so i hope you feel the same joy with the products that i handmake with love. 

mirella, canada
everything was so cute, it made my day!! the packaging is so cute and i love keychain is so cute, i loved everything <3 it came fairly quick too!

samrah, ga
i just got earrings that i ordered, and they're so cute! i love the sparkles and rose gold, also the packaging was adorable
em, nevada
10/10 the packaging and keychain are so cute and although i knew it'd be great, it's even better than my expectations, i love it
sonakshi, uk
the heart shaker & the earrings are so so beautiful & the quality is amazing! honestly 10/10. the lipgloss is so cute, too i really love it! bonus points for the pretty packaging, haha. u can really tell how much work goes into each product, thank u so much i’ll definitely order again x